West Indies January 2010

Nevis Peak & Charlestown

Sally & I were blessed to be able to stay in Nevis, West Indies in January 2010. We stayed for a week at Black Sand Cove, a beautiful estate located about 2 miles south of Charlestown, the main city on the island. One highlight of the trip was the beautiful gardens and beach that are part of the estate. You can enjoy many pictures here.

Black Sand Cove BeachNevis

The island is locally governed and has been hard hit by the economic downturn. As such, the level of service and value for the dollar pretty much sucked. Probably the most interesting thing about the island is the history which you can learn about as well as other interesting links about Nevis.

At The Gravel PitOur Time in Nevis

We very much enjoyed diving on Saturday with Scuba Safaris after being told that the dive boat was canceled the previous day because someone died (more likely the boat wasn't full enough to their liking!) Our friend Ryan got us about 4 pounds of lobster later that day which made for a feast! We had an adventure on Sunday morning walking down to the gravel pit with Doggie! We enjoyed a very expensive but satisfying dinner at Gallipot on Saturday night and stopped over for a couple of drinks on Sunday night at Sunshine's on Pinney's Beach. We drove around the island a couple of times and went looking for sea glass on Indian Castle Beach.

BLT - YUM!!!Local Faire

We got kicked out of the pool because there is a un-disclosed rule that you can not use it if you are staying at the cottage! The internet service was very spotty but improved as the week went on. We happened to be there in the middle of their elections which made the service even worse. We shopped at Rams but the Best Buy in Ginger land was the best food store we saw. The Four Seasons on Pinney's Beach was still closed after the 2008 hurricane and showed no signs of opening soon.

Sally Shops at the MarketSally Out Does Herself

Sally made some wonderful dinners from the local fair! We ate lobster three times, Conch Chowder a couple of times, but the official meal of the trip were BLT-Nevis Style! The local tomatoes bought at the farmer's market were to die for! She also made chili using local beef which was excellent! Skip trying to fix Parrotfish - I was surprised that they tasted pretty good but were a royal pain in the ass to clean!

Black Sand Cove BeachBlack Sand Cove

The sunsets, as recorded in these annals, were all very nice. We enjoyed sunbathing on Black Sand Cove Beach but it's rough and can hurt if you don't watch out for the volcanic rocks. The swimming also pretty much sucked except in the swimming pool which we were banned from! We did, however, have our own Hot Tub! It was nice to jump in when we got hot (we left the heater off)! The gardens were to die for and there were a lot of birds - especially hummingbirds, around.

Close Up of a Flower in the GardenHanging Out

We loved seeing the goats on the island and got a chance once to see the monkeys. We had a little puppy stay with us a couple of nights - the poor thing was flea-ridden but very sweet! Eddie read another of the many Dune-related books he has loved over the years and Sally read a new Tess Gerritsen novel. The nights were cool and we just used fans to keep us cool. Eddie enjoyed taking the many videos and photos on this web site and worked a little on his Web Design certificate program.

Back Home

The trip back to St Kitts sucked and the mess at the airport was beyond ludicrous. It just has to either make you laugh or cry!